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1.Truly Smart, Object Detection

AI for home security camera systems now comes in a simple to use plug and play device.

2. No monthly fees

Monitoreal is a one time purchase, unlike the cloud which has recurring costs for a variety of home security systems.

3.All cameras supported

Monitoreal works with up to 8 modern cameras of any brand or model. You can also use it with analogue systems via a hybrid DVR.

4. Secure

Our device is hidden behind your home router and firewall and is never exposed to outside threats, unlike other solutions that can expose your external URL or IP address.


Monitoreal is a smart video monitoring assistant that keeps your private data off the cloud. Order one today.

Brand TypeArtificial Intelligence
ProductsAI Video Monitoring Assistant
Advantages Of MONITOREAL Video Surveillance

View Coverage Remotely

where every you are, you’ll always have a way to see your footage and check in on your property to see that everything is safe and secure. This kind of connectivity and accessibility is very convenient and can be a big help in keeping your business safe from intruders and vandalism

Monitors Multiple Areas

If your funds are limited, it may be difficult to have multiple security guards present at all times. A monitored video surveillance system can be a huge help and will allow you to have your eyes on multiple feeds.

Saves Your Business Money

One of the best things about this kind of monitored video surveillance is that it can save your business money. Instead of managing security personnel and paying them each a salary you’ll be able to pay just one low monthly fee to get a large amount of security for your business

24/7 Security Monitoring

Not only can the video footage of your location or business property be seen live, but the footage will also be recorded as well. If you want full coverage for protecting your business then this 24/7 protection is essential.

MONITOREAL Security Assistant

Monitoreal Security Assistant are Customizable rules for instant alerts about objects that matter, free from unwanted alerts. There are no monthly fees, no hidden fees for extra features, and future upgrades are free. All video processing is done locally, no 3rd party or cloud has access to your information.


Base Model - Monitoreal security Assistant
Pro Model - Monitoreal Security Assistant
Monitoreal Relay 4 Channels

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